Pre-Ordering & the Environment

Waste and overstock is a huge problem in the fashion industry, especially for large retailers.  To move toward a zero-waste industry, I am changing the scarf fashion game by encouraging people to make thoughtful, environmentally-friendly choices with my pre-order system. Pre-ordering allows you to be part of the solution and provides you, and the planet, with many benefits. It enables me to create the exact quantity ordered, creates fewer waste materials, decreases the global effect the fast fashion industry is having on the environment and results in lower costs per scarf for you.

This approach cuts wasteful over manufacturing, decreasing everyone’s environmental footprint and ensuring your new scarf is a genuine limited-edition design you can feel good about wearing. 

 When you pre-order, the scarf is not yet in stock, but you place your order as you normally would to secure it. When you reserve your scarf today, you can feel confident you’ll receive the exact scarf you ordered.  I want you to be able to start enjoying your scarf in a reasonable time frame, usually three (3) weeks after each pre-order end date and approximate shipping times are noted on every product page. These dates are subject to change due to the production by the manufacturer. These types of delays are out of control of Josette C Kratz Designs.

Your credit card will be charged the full amount upon placing your order.  If for some reason we cannot fill your order due to an inventory or manufacturing error, Josette C Kratz Designs will cancel your order and refund you immediately.  We will accept cancellations on pre-order items for store credit only.

Once ready to ship, you will receive an email with tracking info.

 If you have any questions regarding timing and pre-ordering, please do not hesitate to contact me at